DROP OF PERFECTION Krem wygładzająco-kryjący BB z SPF 20 - 4.0 N Amber
DROP OF PERFECTION Krem wygładzająco-kryjący BB z SPF 20 - 4.0 N Amber
DROP OF PERFECTION Krem wygładzająco-kryjący BB z SPF 20 - 4.0 N Amber
DROP OF PERFECTION Krem wygładzająco-kryjący BB z SPF 20 - 4.0 N Amber
DROP OF PERFECTION Krem wygładzająco-kryjący BB z SPF 20 - 4.0 N Amber
DROP OF PERFECTION Krem wygładzająco-kryjący BB z SPF 20 - 4.0 N Amber

DROP OF PERFECTION Krem wygładzająco-kryjący BB z SPF 20 - 4.0 N Amber

  • Smoothing and covering BB-cream dedicated to normal, mixed and oily skin
4.0 N Amber
30 ml
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smoothing and covering BB-cream

96% of natural origin ingredients

A BB-cream with a satin, long-lasting finish and extended active action. A natural, plant-based formula provides exceptional skin smoothing and protection against photo-ageing and oxidative stress. The content of Poretect™ natural cyclopeptides makes regular application have multi-level effects on the skin structure: it improves firmness and flexibility, dramatically reduces pores and gives a healthy look. The odourless formula is tailored to the needs of sensitive skin. The product allows for gradation of covering, from light to full, as well as customization of make-up finishes depending on the final cosmetics used, whether they are matt or illuminating powders and mists.

DROP OF PERFECTION contains natural mineral pigments enclosed in a lecithin envelope which is biochemically similar to that of the skin. This makes them skin-compatible and ensures that the product is applied evenly and feels smooth.

Daily sun protection is an important part of your care, so it has become our priority in creating DROP OF PERFECTION. Our BB-cream contains an SPF 20 mineral sunscreen that creates a physical barrier to reflect and disperse harmful radiation on the skin’s surface. It protects against both UVB radiation, causing sunburns and allergic reactions, as well as UVA, which is responsible for photo-ageing of the skin and hyperpigmentation lesions.


The mineral filter is a cruelty-free and friendly for coral reefs component.


The DROP OF PERFECTION BB-cream is dedicated to normal, mixed and oily skin.

The odourless formula is also perfect for sensitive skin.


  • satin and long-lasting finish
  • smoothing of skin irregularities
  • Improvement of skin firmness and flexibility
  • narrowing of skin pores after regular application
  • anti-oxidative action 
  • odourless, tailored for sensitive skin



1.0 N – Fair – a very bright, neutral tone, so there doesn’t dominate a cool (pink) or warm (yellow) tone. It’s great for people with a super bright, beige skin. This balance makes the cream perfectly blend into alabaster skin.

1.5 N – Ivory – has a bright, neutral tone and is ideal for people with a bright, beige skin.

2.0 W – Vanilla – a bright colour with warm tones. A light beige colour ensures a flawless fit for those who, despite the bright skin, have a domination of warm colours in the skin tone.

2.5 N – Beige – it is a neutral tone, falling into sand-like colours, which will perfectly match the average skin.

3.0 W – Golden Beige – for a slightly darker skin with a dominant warm tone. The colour will highlight the sun-kissed skin and its natural golden shade.

4.0 N – Amber – a colour for slightly darker skin with a neutral brown tone. The balance between the red and yellow tones of this colour will help the darker skin to emphasize their neutral tone, maintaining the beautiful and natural colour.



  • they are fully vegan 
  • they have clean compositions and are silicone-free
  • They protect against harmful UV radiation with SPF 20 mineral filters
  • in addition, they have anti-ageing effects 
  • they contain mineral dyes
  • their formula is not greasy
  • they have a minimalistic design
  • they are packed in pharmaceutical glass

Our DROP OF PERFECTION BB-creams are contained in glass packaging. We share our commitment to the environment, reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water. Follow the eco-economy track with us. It’s your contribution to our planet.

Apply a small amount of the cream evenly to the skin and blend evenly using a moist BLEND THE PERFECTION sponge. If you want to build covering, apply a second layer of the product to the first layer that is not yet fixed. Depending on the type of skin, apply alone or on the moisturizing-soothing CHAGA MOOD BOOSTER primer.

The best way to remove the BB-cream is the SQUEEZE AN ORANGE make-up and SPF removing oil.

Storage: keep the product out of the reach of children in its original packaging, tightly sealed, at room temperature. Protect the product from direct sunlight.

The possibility of allergic reactions to each cosmetic product is very individual and depends on the condition of the skin. If you are not sure whether a product will cause an allergic reaction in your case, perform an allergy test before you use it for the first time.

  • How does the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream differ from a foundation?
    BB cream (Beauty Balm) combines foundation, skincare and sun protection. It moisturises, evens out skin tone, protects against UV rays and conceals imperfections. And what is also important - it does not overload the skin.
  • How to apply DROP OF PERFECTION for best results?
    DROP OF PERFECTION is recommended to be applied with a slightly dampened BLEND THE PERFECTION sponge to obtain a natural effect and to blend the BB cream well with the skin.
  • Can BB cream make my skin clogged?
    It should not. DROP OF PERFECTION cream does not contain comedogenic ingredients.
  • Should I apply BB cream over my day cream?
    Depending on your skin type, apply DROP OF PERFECTION alone or over your favourite day cream.
  • Should I finish the cream with powder? If so, which one?
    It depends on the effect you want to achieve. Powder will firm the BB cream and make it last longer, and can also change its finish to an illuminating or mattifying one.
  • Won’t BB cream rub off under a face mask?
    Our BB cream has a long-lasting finish, but a mask can cause mechanical friction on the skin, so the foundation may gently rub off from the skin. To prolong the durability of DROP OF PERFECTION, we recommend applying a fixing powder.
  • Can the skin look shiny after applying the cream?
    DROP OF PERFECTION cream has a satin finish and gives a natural glow on the skin. If you have combination or oily skin, you can use a light mattifying powder to mattify and fix your BB cream.
  • What is the level of coverage provided by BB cream?
    From light to full. The covering effect can be adjusted.
  • What is the role of the SPF filter in DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream?
    We used a mineral filter in our BB cream, which creates a physical barrier on the surface of the skin to reflect and diffuse the sun’s harmful rays. It protects against both UVB radiation, which causes sunburn and allergic reactions, and UVA radiation, which is responsible for photo-ageing and pigmentation changes.
  • Can the BLEND THE PERFECTION sponge be used dry for applying BB cream?
    No, the sponge must be moist. This makes application easy, streak-free and the cream is perfectly blended with the skin.
  • How best to wash off DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream?
    We recommend a two-step facial cleansing routine with our basic line products. SQUEEZE AN ORANGE oil dissolves and helps remove make-up, filters and other lipophilic ingredients, while MAKE IT CLEAR lotion gently cleanses the skin, creating a wonderfully soothing and refreshing effect.
  • Is the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream suitable for oily skin?
    Yes, our BB cream is great for oily skin because of the ingredients it contains: zinc oxide, magnesium oxide and silica, which have soothing, mattifying and sebostatic properties. In addition, celery seed extract, thanks to its vitamin PP (B3 - niacin) content, has a soothing effect, regenerates the skin and regulates the sebaceous glands.
  • How to choose the right shade of DROP OF PERFECTION cream?
    For fair skin, we recommend the following shades:
    1. N - Fair - a very light neutral shade. Great for those with extremely fair skin. The tone of our lightest shade is neutral, so that neither cool (pink) nor warm (yellow) tones dominate.
    2.0 W - Vanilla - a light shade with warm undertones. The slightly beige shade ensures a flawless finish for those with mainly warm tones in their fair complexion.

    For darker complexions, we recommend the following shades:
    3.0 W - Golden Beige - shade with a dominant warm tone. The 3.0 shade is perfect for highlighting a sun-kissed complexion and showing off your natural, deep golden shade.
    4.0 N - Amber - a shade for dark complexions with a neutral tone. The amber shade of the BB cream is suitable for those with a more intense skin tone, whose tan colour falls perfectly into neutral shades of brown.

    We also give you an opportunity to test and choose your perfect shade of DROP OF PERFECTION cream by ordering a set of free samples. You can order them HERE.
  • Can you build up coverage with DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream and how?
    DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream allows for gradation of coverage, from light to full. To build coverage, apply a second coat of the product on top of the first coat before it has solidified.
  • Does the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream last long?
    Yes, 90% of women surveyed said that our foundation has a long-lasting finish.
  • What’s best to apply under BB cream - serum or cream?
    It depends on your skin type and the effect you want. We recommend FOCUS HYDRATION GEL serum (for intensive hydration) or FOCUS LIFTING MILK (for firming and hydration, anti-ageing properties). If you have dry skin, you can also apply your favourite cream, such as HAVE A NICE FACE, over the serum.
  • Does the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream have a scent?
    No, our product is unscented.
  • Does the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream contain silicone?
    No, DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream does not contain silicones.
  • Is the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream suitable for mature skin?
    Yes, because it has ingredients ideal for mature skin. The PoretectTM cyclopeptide complex is a “skin rejuvenator”, responsible for improving the structure of the skin, it is also great for firming and thickening the skin. Hyaluronic acid has hygroscopic (water-binding) properties that allow it to moisturise the skin, promoting elasticity and flexibility, thus having an anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating effect and improving facial contours.

    In addition, a commissioned study showed that after 21 days of using the BB cream, the appearance of wrinkles was visibly reduced and the overall appearance and condition of the skin improved - with improved hydration, smoothing and shrinking of enlarged sebaceous glands.
  • What base should I use under the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream?
    The best base is of course skincare :) However, depending on the finish you want, you can use an illuminating or mattifying base.

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Produkt bardzo dobrze się rozprowadza, super kryje, nie tworzy na twarzy maski, rewelacja.
Joanna, Skierniewice
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it possible to get samples of your Smoothing and Covering BB Cream with SPF 20 DROP OF PERFECTION? I don't know which shade would be right for me.
Of course, it is possible! You can find all the information here: https://veolibotanica.pl/pl/cms/bezplatne-probki-dla-cie-bb-ie-itss-sample-time-34.html. The samples are free.
Will the DROP OF PERFECTION BB cream mask enlarged pores?
The final look of our BB cream on the face depends on the base and the method of application. For areas with enlarged pores, it is worth adding products that will further reduce their visibility, such as FOCUS PIGMENTATION ESSENCE with a complex of vitamin C, niacinamide and 7% AHA acids. As a base underneath the BB cream, we recommend using light moisturising creams, such as HAVE A NICE FACE. It is best to apply the BB cream with our BLEND THE PERFECTION make-up sponge. It is soft and contains micropores that prevent the BB cream from gathering in the creases, so that the make-up looks light and fresh. Whether a BB cream accentuates enlarged pores or not depends on a number of factors, not on the product itself.
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