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Multi-acid enzymatic peel with active AHA Phytocomplex 10%, PHA 10%, BHA acids and powdered organic matcha green tea

Capacity: 75 ml
Purpose: Face
Effects: Anti-Imperfection, Exfoliating, Pore narrowing, Reducing discoloration, Reducing sebum
Line: Professional
Pora dnia: Night
Price: 99,00 
The lowest price (2023-01-15): 103,20 

triple-acid enzyme facial peel


97.98% ingredients of natural origin

Does your skin need a detox? Our MATCHA POWER PEEL multi-acid enzymatic peel with active AHA Phytocomplex 10%, PHA 10%, BHA acids and powdered organic matcha green tea from organic tea cultivation in Japan, is an instant cleanse in the form of an express mask. You will notice the first results from the first use! 

Why can you be sure that our peel produces spectacular results? This is how the acids we used work. AHA Phytocomplex 10%, i.e. a composition of natural fruit acids (citric, lactic, tartaric) and bromelain – an enzyme obtained from pineapple, immediately exfoliate, smooth and revitalise the skin and effectively remove dead epidermal cells, evening out the tone and reducing the visibility of pores. 

Do you have a problem with excessive sebum secretion? Thanks to BHA, i.e. salicylic acid , our peel regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, has a mattifying effect and reduces skin redness that accompanies imperfections. Gluconolactone (PHA), on the other hand, effectively reduces hyperpigmentation and leaves skin soothed and silky smooth. 

You’ll also find one of today’s most popular natural ingredients, bakuchiol, in our highly effective yet gentle peel (also suitable for sensitive skin!). This plant equivalent of retinol has a detoxifying effect, providing powerful antioxidant protection, regenerates the skin, restoring firmness and a radiant appearance. 


Our peel works from the first application! 100% of participants in our commissioned laboratory tests immediately noticed very good refreshment and detoxification of the skin. 


The peel is ideal for dull-looking skin with visible imperfections and discolouration, including sensitive skin.


Immediately: Exfoliation, purification, deep detox and smoothing of the skin

2 weeks: even colour, reduction of sebum

4 weeks: reduction of hyperpigmentation

Apply a thin layer to wet skin. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, or 5-7 minutes if you have oily skin, then wash off thoroughly with water. Apply 2-3 times a week.

After the application of MATCHA POWER PEEL the skin is perfectly prepared for the next skincare step!

Remember to use a cream with SPF sunscreen during treatment with MATCHA POWER PEEL!

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