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Hypoallergenic towel

Wymiary: 25x25
Purpose: Face
Skład: 80% Poliester 20% Poliamid
Line: Accessories, Basic
Pora dnia: Day and night
Price: 19,90 
The lowest price (2023-02-09): 19,90 

hypoallergenic towel


How do we love caring accessories made in the spirit of less waste? It’s essential to try our hypoallergenic MAKE IT WITH gLOVE towel, which makes it easy to remove make-up residues and impurities that have been already dissolved with an emulsifying make-up removing oil and the SQUEEZE AN ORANGE. With this pair of products, you are 100% sure your skin is clean and ready for the next care steps.

With our towel, you can be calm about the condition of your skin, because MAKE IT WITH gLOVE is extremely gentle and pleasant to use and does not cause irritation or reddening of your skin.


The MAKE IT WITH gLOVE towel is a great alternative to disposable facial pads (in combination with a make-u removing product).


The towel is suitable for all skin types, especially problematic, oily and sensitive.

Lightly moisten the towel with lukewarm water, and then apply it to your face and gently remove any make-up residue and dirt.

Use it whenever your skin needs a gentle clean.

The towel is best for cleaning the face with the 2-in-1 SQUEEZE an ORANGE massage and make-up removing oil with sweet orange.

Wash the towel at 30 degrees or hand-wash with soap.

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