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Illuminating and moisturizing light BB-cream

Capacity: 30 ml
Purpose: Face
Effects: Hydrating
Price: 119,20 

illuminating and moisturizing light BB-cream 


98% of natural ingredients

Illuminating-moisturizing, lightweight BB-cream with a clean, odourless formula, that combines the characteristics of a primer and a skincare cream with sunscreen, providing graduated covering and protection against UVA and UVB radiation. It is dedicated to dry, tired and glow-free skin. The combination of the glucose derivatives contained in the cream improves the hydro-balance of the skin (optimizing the supplies and preventing water loss) and makes it perfectly rebuilt and moisturized. Thanks to its lightweight, blending consistency, it does not cause a pulling sensation, it does not fall into wrinkles or lines, and it does not emphasize dry skins. It is also suitable for people with mature skin or skin prone to imperfections. It moisturizes and smooths the skin for a natural-looking “glow” effect.

LET’S GLOW contains natural mineral pigments enclosed in a lecithin envelope which is biochemically similar to that of the skin. This makes them skin-compatible and ensures that the product is applied evenly and feels smooth.


As in the DROP OF PERFECTION BB-cream, we used the SPF 20 mineral filter, which creates a physical barrier on the skin that reflects and scatters harmful radiation. It protects against both UVB radiation, causing sunburns and allergic reactions, as well as UVA, which is responsible for photo-ageing of the skin and hyperpigmentation lesions. The mineral filter is a cruelty-free and friendly for coral reefs component. 


The BB-cream is intended for normal, dry and mature skin.


  • natural glow effect on your skin
  • long-lasting hydration and improved skin flexibility
  • excellent covering of redness, imperfections and hyperpigmentation
  • a lightweight formula that melts into your skin


Available in 6 colours:

1.0 N – Fair – a very bright, neutral tone that is ideal for people with a particularly bright, alabaster skin.

1.5 N – Ivory – has a bright, neutral tone and is ideal for people with a bright, beige skin.

2.0 W – Vanilla – a light beige colour ensures a flawless fit for those who, despite the bright skin, have a domination of warm colours in the skin colour.

2.5 N – Beige – it is a neutral tone, falling into sand-like colours, which will perfectly match the average skin.

3.0 W – Golden Beige – for a slightly darker skin with a dominant warm tone. The colour will highlight the sun-kissed skin and its natural golden shade.

4.0 N – Amber – for slightly darker skin. The balance between the red and yellow tones of this colour will help the darker skin to emphasize their neutral tone.



  • they are fully vegan 
  • they have clean compositions and are silicone-free
  • They protect against harmful UV radiation with SPF 20 mineral filters
  • in addition, they have anti-ageing effects 
  • they contain mineral dyes
  • their formula is not greasy
  • they have a minimalistic design
  • they are packed in pharmaceutical glass

Together, we take care of the environment, reducing CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption, so the LET’ GLOW BB-cream is placed in glass packaging.

Apply a small amount of the cream evenly to the skin and blend evenly using a moist BLEND THE PERFECTION sponge. If you want to build covering, apply a second layer of the product to the first layer that is not yet fixed. Depending on the type of skin, apply alone or on the moisturizing-soothing CHAGA MOOD BOOSTER primer.

The best way to remove the BB-cream is the SQUEEZE AN ORANGE make-up and SPF removing oil.

Storage: keep the product out of the reach of children in its original packaging, tightly sealed, at room temperature. Protect the product from direct sunlight.

The possibility of allergic reactions to each cosmetic product is very individual and depends on the condition of the skin. If you are not sure whether a product will cause an allergic reaction in your case, perform an allergy test before you use it for the first time.

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