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About us

Hey, nice to see you here!

Looking for natural cosmetics with formulas based on plant-based ingredients and ultra-modern technology? You’re here! In Veoli Botanica, we take care of your skin at every stage of care and respond to all its problems. Acne, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, signs of ageing… do you know them? We know how to deal with this.

What do we believe in? In the power of plant-based components and the power of science. We believe in the philosophy of Clean Beauty. It is the most demanding and uncompromising trend in the cosmetics industry, which is a holistic approach to care and responsible, sustainable production. So we don’t have SLS, PEG, silicone, parabens, phenoxyethanol, acrylates, paraffin, artificial dyes and plastic abrasive particles in our products.

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More than 98% of the ingredients we use are plant-based raw materials, which we only obtain from proven sources. We choose them so, thatv they penetrate your skin, act instantly and provide immediate results.

We’re looking for innovative solutions for you and checking their effectiveness. Reliable performance of our formula based on advanced natural complexes is confirmed by our independent laboratory equipment and application testing.

We want you to treat your skin with due respect – that is what conscious, holistic care is about. Observe it, listen to its needs, respond to changing moods. And we will provide it with everything it needs:)

We are 100% vegan and we are proud of it! We do not use constituents of animal origin, and our credibility is confirmed by the Viva Foundation! and PETA Organization. We also act according to the principles of less waste and eco-economy. Our products are packaged in recyclable pharmaceutical glass, and accessories for care rituals are reusable.

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